Motor Vehicle Registration

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Automobile Registrations

A valid automobile registration is required to legally operate a vehicle on the roads in the State of New Hampshire. A New Hampshire registration must be obtained within 60 days of moving to the State of New Hampshire. Existing New Hampshire auto registrations must be renewed in the birth month of the primary person named on the registration.

The cost of registration varies from vehicle to vehicle. It is a two-part payment: one portion goes to the Town, the other to the State. The Town's portion is based on both the model year and list price of the vehicle while the State's portion is based on vehicle weight.

The State of New Hampshire offers many types of specialized license plates. These plates include Vanity and "Moose" plates as well as plates for Veterans, Disabled Veterans, POW's and Antique vehicles.

If you wish to obtain one of these specialty plates, you must see the Town Clerk first in order to start the paperwork and pay the Town portion of the registration. You will then need to go to a NH-MV (New Hampshire Motor Vehicle) substation to pay the State portion, in order to have your plates processed. There are substations located in both Epping and Salem. Please note that there is an additional yearly fee that is charged when renewing all specialty license plates.

For Non-Renewals (New to the owner or new to the State)

For vehicles year 2000 and newer, you will need to provide a valid certificate of title (NO photocopies). The title will be retained and sent to the NH Department of Motor Vehicles to be replaced by a NH title, provided there is no lien holder on the vehicle. In the case of a newly purchased vehicle, a manufacturer's certificate of origin (if purchased out of state) or the blue Town Clerk's copy of the NH Application for Title that is processed by a NH dealer is required. License plates may be purchased at the NH Department of Motor Vehicles or at the Town Clerk's office. Your vehicle must be inspected within 10 days of the date that your plates are issued.

For vehicles year 1999 and older, a bill of sale plus one of the following is required: a title (NO photocopies); VIN verification form; or a current registration. Fees are variable according to the make and year of manufacture of the vehicle. License plates may be purchased at the NH Department of Motor Vehicles or at the Town Clerk's office. Your vehicle must be inspected within 10 days of the date that your plates are issued.

For Renewals (NH Title)

You must present your current registration or mail-in notice. A new registration will be created and new decals for your license plates will be issued. Your vehicle must be inspected some time during your birth month, once your registration has been issued.

Motorcycle Registrations

The same basic rules apply for a motorcycle as they do for an automobile. However, motorcycles must be inspected annually by July 1st.


When you receive your mail-in notice, you have the choice of returning your checks through the mail along with the notice and self-addressed return envelope. Your registration(s) will be processed in 1-2 business days. As always, you may bring in the letter to our office for renewal.

We accept credit and debit cards in the office and online; however, there is a convenience fee of 2.75% for these transactions.

If transferring plates, you must have the original registration of the plates you wish to transfer. Copies will no longer be accepted.