Olde Meeting House Association

The Olde Meeting House Association of Danville, NH (OMHA) was established over 110 years ago in August of 1911.  There are three primary purposes of the association:  preservation of Danville’s 1755 Meeting House, support of an annual religious service in the building, and support for other historical places or events in the town.  The Meeting House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is the oldest meeting house of original construction in New Hampshire. 

The OMHA organizes fundraising activities as needed to support Meeting House preservation projects.  The group also works with the Town of Danville and the Heritage Commission under a Stewardship Agreement to coordinate the building’s preservation and maintenance.

Members of the OMHA are Danville residents and non-residents who have an interest in preserving the Meeting House building, educating the community about its history, and supporting various events like the annual Old Home day service and open house.  The organization includes an executive committee and officers.

All donations to the organization are tax-deductible, as the OMHA is a registered 501C nonprofit organization and registered as a charitable trust in New Hampshire. 

If you’d like to join the organization, get involved with preservation of the Meeting House, or make a donation, please fill out the Membership/Donation Form or email Sharon Skinner, sharspryskin818@gmail.com.  If you require additional information, please call the town offices at 603-382-8253 x3.

Association Members

Chris Stafford 

Sharon Skinner

Nancy Stafford