Winter Maintenance Procedures


GOVERNING LAWS:  RSA 231:92-a, RSA 507-B:2-b

POLICY:  It is the goal and intent of the Town of Danville to provide timely,efficient and cost effective winter maintenance, snow removal and ice control on the roadways of the Town of Danville  for the safety and benefit of the Town’s residents and the general motoring public.

PROCEDURE:  Due to the many variables that are inherent in New England weather, each storm and/or weather event may require slightly different efforts and/or emphasis on any number of maintenance tasks, which together, determine the overall winter maintenance, snow removal or ice control strategy.

LEVEL OF SERVICE:  It is NOT possible to maintain a black snow and ice free road during a storm.  It is the intention of the Town to provide practical, safe access to homes, businesses and municipal facilities during winter storms.  This is based upon equipment and personnel availability.   The Town of Danville does not have a bare roads policy and as such citizens and motorists should expect to find snow-covered areas during and after the winter storm.

It is our policy to start to conduct snow removal operations upon accumulations of three inches of snowfall.  The Road Agent may, at his discretion based upon weather information reports, elect not to remove snow until greater or less accumulations.  Snow accumulations of greater than three inches may be allowed before plowing operations begin during the overnight hours of 12 midnight and 4 AM.  All routes will begin from the Highway Garage and the operators will work systematically around their respective routes.  No operator will leave their assigned route unless they have the approval of the Road Agent or his appointed designee.

Pre-treatment and ice control may be addressed prior to the actual storm beginning and/or during the actual storm as seen effective.  It should be noted that salt has a much slower effect on melting snow and ice at temperatures below 18 degrees, and may not be applied until it is warmer.

After the storm has finished, treatment of the roads will begin when the routes have been cleared of snow.  Treatment may consist of sand, sand/salt mix or straight salt.  The Road Agent or his designee will determine the most appropriate materials to be used based on current weather, expected weather, time of year, temperature and availability of materials needed.

During storms of long duration, the Road Agent may elect to stop snow removal operations for a rest period, this rest period should occur late at night after the majority of traffic has ceased.  This period will last as long as the Road Agent deems appropriate due to weather conditions.  It will be the responsibility of all operators to be sure and get the needed rest during this period.

During periods of snow fall rates of less than 1 inch per hour the Road Agent may elect to stop snow removal operations.  Current weather conditions, weather forecasts, as well as day of the week will be considered before operations will be shut down. 

During freezing rain storms the roads will be treated with salt and/or a sand/salt mixture.  The roads will not be plowed until the end of the event for safety reasons.  There may be several inches of snow, slushy ice accumulation on the roadways during this type of storm.

COMMAND:  Direction of all winter maintenance activities for the Town of Danville is vested with the Road Agent.

EXECUTION:  The policy outlined above is intended to serve as the normal operating procedures for winter maintenance, snow removal and/or ice control for the Town of Danville.  One or more of the following, which may delay or prevent the implementation of this policy, may affect all or any part of this policy:

                Equipment Breakdown

                Snow accumulation in excess of 1” per hour

                Freezing rain or other icing conditions

                Traffic Congestion



RESIDENT ACTIONS:  Residents shall not park or place objects within the Town Right of Way during the winter season.  Blowing, drifting and accumulated snow make it difficult to see and avoid obstacles.  The Town’s snow removal equipment (including the equipment of the Town’s contractors) shall make every effort to avoid mail boxes or other private objects.  Neither the Town nor its contractors will be responsible for repair or replacement of any damaged mailboxes or privately owned objects placed or left within the Town Right of Way. 

The Town Road Agent and hired contractors are responsible for plowing the Town roads.  During the winter season snow banks will accumulate on roadsides.  Every effort will be made to push banks back during or soon after the storm events as appropriate equipment is available.  This action obviously results in snow from the roadway being deposited at the end of driveways.  Residents must plan for snow removal from their driveway accordingly.

Residents shall reframe from moving snow/ice from the driveways into or onto the Town roadways.  This not only creates added cost to the Town but can also lead to hazard conditions for public travel.  The Town of Danville has an ordinance in place regarding snow placement in the roadways or plowing across the town roads with a fine associated of $500.00. 

All residents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the content as it describes the condition one might expect to encounter before, during and after a winter storm event.