New Police Facility Project

Danville Police Department

When the current Kimball Safety Complex was constructed and opened in 1988, the Police Department was only suppose to be housed there for seven years until a new larger police station was built.  Nearly twenty years later, the Police Department is still working out of the same four small rooms that were allocated for use within the building.
The Police Department can no longer effectively and safely operate at the current facility.  Although there have been discussions in the past and committees formed to assist in the planning of a new building, this is the first report that will provide detailed information to the public regarding our current facility and considerations as we move forward.  Building a new police station is of course an expensive and complicated endeavor that will need full public support to be successful.  In order to gain support, the public must first understand why this project is so important.  Accordingly, we have compiled a list of critical concerns and shortcomings with our current facility.
In the coming weeks and months, we will be looking for volunteers who would like to assist us and be part of the team; embarking on this exciting project.  We hope to get volunteers from the various Town Boards and Committees, as well as any eager and enthusiastic residents.  This must be a collective effort if we are going to succeed and I encourage and welcome any support.

Very truly yours,
Wade H. Parsons
Chief of Police

I.          Garage Bays
Currently:  There is currently one bay accessible to the Police Department located at the rear of the Kimball Safety Complex, which leads to a common area shared with the Fire Department.  It is projected as the Fire Department expands, we will lose our parking spot in the bay and all police vehicles will then have to be stored out doors.
Needed:  It is anticipated that 3 garage bays are needed for:  1) Forensic Seizures – vehicles used in crimes such as robberies, assaults, and sexual assaults, that need to be forensically processed;  2)  Storage and maintenance of our OHRV, motorcycle and cruiser maintenance;  3)  Sallyport for unloading arrests in a secure area for both prisoner and officer safety. 


II.        Impound Yard
Currently:  There is no impound yard. 
Needed:  An impound yard is needed to:  1)  hold vehicles that have been used in other crimes including fatal and serious personal injury accidents that require processing;  2)  hold other impounded property including bicycles, etc. 


III.       Training Room/Conference Room
Currently:  There is no Training Room or Conference Room. 
Needed:  An area is needed for departmental trainings and monthly department meetings.  Currently the department uses the general office area for department meetings.  This area does not allow seating for everyone and is not conducive to meetings or training sessions. 


IV.       Booking Room/Holding Cells
Currently:  The current prisoner booking room is not a secure room.  It gives unruly and combative prisoners access to the administrative area and potentially to the rest of the PD.  The room is not physically conducive to officer safety and does not flow with proper and correct prisoner handling methods.  There are no holding cells to detain violent offenders or prisoners for short-term periods.  Also, by law a separate area to hold juveniles is needed since sight and sound separation is required.
Needed:  A secure booking area is needed to process detainees.  At least two adult cells and one separate holding cell for juveniles are needed.


V.        Administrative Area
Currently:  The current administrative area does not flow with walk-in traffic.  The Clerk/Secretary has to leave her workstation (radios, telephone and computer) in order to handle walk-in traffic. 
Needed:  The administrative area should allow the Clerk/Secretary to greet visitors and handle walk-in traffic from her workstation.   


VI.       Foyer/Lobby
Currently:  The current foyer/lobby is very small and there is no place to sit.  If more than one visitor comes in at the same time, they are bumping into each other.  There is also not enough room for forms and literature. 
Needed:  A larger lobby area is needed so that multiple visitors are able to sit comfortably.  The lobby should also provide an area for visitors to fill out forms. 


VII.     Break Room/Kitchen
Currently:  There is no kitchen and no separate area for employees to eat meals.  The refrigerator and microwave are located in the general office area, which makes the area cramped and unsanitary.  
Needed:  A separate room is needed with a sink and a table and chairs for employees to eat meals. 


VIII.    Restrooms
Currently:  There is one generic restroom for everyone.   
Needed:  Separate mens and ladies restrooms are needed. 


IX.       Parking Lot
Currently:  The current parking lot is not well defined.  When the Town Hall is open for business and meetings, the parking lot can become cluttered with vehicles, making it difficult for traffic to enter and exit.  Parking is cramped and potentially hazardous.   
Needed:  A larger area is needed for employee and visitor parking.  This area should also be well lit at night and provide a secure area for employee parking. 


X.        Storage Areas
Currently:  There is one storage closet in the building.  This closet is approximately 8’ x 4’ in diameter and is full.  Because this is the only storage closet, office supplies and miscellaneous equipment are stored throughout the building in random areas. 
Needed:  Additional space is needed to organize and store uniforms, equipment, firearms, ammunition, office and computer supplies. 


XI.       Officer’s Report Room
Currently:  The current officer’s room is 13’ x 8’ and is extremely cramped.  It is the administrative area for 4 full-time and 3 part-time officers.  It also houses all the department forms, employee bulletin boards, roll call information, and is the main area for information exchange and interviews. 
Needed:  Additional office space is needed to provide workstations for officers to write reports and conduct private interviews.   


XII.     Records
Currently:  Department records are stored in file cabinets in each room as well as an off-site storage location.  Archived records, which must be kept in perpetuity by NH statute, are not easily accessed and are subject to monthly storage costs.
Needed:  A clean and dry storage area that is easily accessible is needed for proper record retention.   


XIII.    Locker Room
Currently:  There is no locker room.
Needed:  A locker room is needed to provide room for each officer, including a seating area, and a separate area for female officers. 


XIV.    Interview Room
Currently:  There is no Interview Room. 
Needed:  An Interview Room is needed for private conversations ranging from domestic and assault issues, criminal investigations and juvenile affairs. 


XV.     Supervisors Office
Currently:  There is no Supervisors Office. 
Needed:  A Supervisors Office is needed so that supervisors can conduct performance appraisals and have personal conversations with their subordinates. 


XVI.    Detectives Office
Currently:  There is no Detectives Office. 
Needed:  A Detectives Office is needed to provide a private room to handle confidential and case sensitive investigations. 


XVII.  Crime Scene Evidence Processing Room
Currently:  There is a 9’ x 4’ Evidence Storage Room only, which is completely filled. 
Needed:  A Crime Scene Evidence Processing Room is needed to process prints, castings, photographs, etc. 


XVIII. Exercise/Training Area
Currently:  There is no Exercise/Training Area. 
Needed:  The State of NH has an ongoing requirement for police officers to pass a physical fitness test.  An exercise room and physical training room would help officers to stay in compliance with the state. 


XIX.    Building Size
Currently:  The Danville Police Department is housed within the Kimball Safety Complex.  The area is over crowded, cramped and just too small.  The IACP recommends 300 – 350 square feet for each full time employee.  Currently there are 4 full-time employees and 3 part-time employees, which means a minimum recommendation of 1,200 square feet.  The existing area is approximately 800 square feet, which means the existing building is 400 square feet short, or the equivalent of 4 10x10 rooms. 
Additionally, the FBI recommends 1 full-time officer for every 500 residents.  The Danville Police Department currently employs 1 officer for approximately 1,200 residents.  
Needed:  The minimum recommended square footage (300) times the number of recommended officers (10) means a proposed 3,000 square foot building.  This proposed square footage is in accordance with today’s standards and does not take into consideration any anticipated town growth.