Neighborhood Crime Watch

The concern over violent crime is ever present in today's society. Your chances of being a victim of some type of crime in your lifetime is increasing.
Being involved in a neighborhood watch program could give you and your family an added sense of safety and security. Neighborhood watch programs have been involved in the prevention of criminal activity and the apprehension of criminal suspects. Both small and large communities have participated in the program.
This program is available through the Danville Police Department. This program is designed to further the "Partnership with the Community" philosophy. Upon receipt of a request from the public, the Community Services Officer will speak to members of a particular neighborhood, either in their home or at the Police station. The program is asking members of the neighborhood to be additional eyes and ears for the Department. The members of the neighborhood will look out for each other's property and report to the Police ANY unusual activity. Signs indicating that a particular neighborhood is part of the program will be posted and clearly state "NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH". Regular meetings of the neighborhood watch are encouraged.
As a service to the neighborhoods of Danville, the Danville Police Department is committed to offering a neighborhood watch program to assist you in developing a safer atmosphere where you live.
What is Neighborhood Watch?
Neighborhood watch is a citizen involved program where residents of Danville cooperate with the Danville Police Department in the detection and prevention of crime.
As a member of a neighborhood watch, you will learn how to recognize suspicious or criminal activities and how to report those incidents to the police. You will also learn how to make your community and family safer during your stay here and after you leave.
How Neighborhood Watch works
     ·  You and your neighbors keep an eye on your neighborhood.
     ·  You see a crime or suspicious activity occur in your neighborhood, you immediately report
         what you have observed to the police.
     ·  Police respond to your call and investigate or apprehend the criminal.

It's that simple!