Selectmen Regulations

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REGULATIONS – Adopted By Board of Selectmen

RSA 41:11 empowers the Selectmen to regulate the use of all public highways, sidewalks, and commons within the town.  Selectmen may use the powers conferred on city councils by RSA 47:17, section VII, Use of Public Ways; section VIII, Traffic Devices and Signals; and section XVIII, Automobile Parking Controls.

Regulation 1 Parking

Regulation 2 Town Parks

Regulation 3 Winter Parking During Snowfall-RESCINDED

Regulation 4 Depositing Snow

Regulation 5 Public Nuisance - Cover for Trucks Hauling Loose Material-RESCINDED

Regulation 6 Unnecessary Vehicle Noise

Regulation 7 Motorized Skateboards, Scooters, Minibikes & Bicycles

Regulation 8 Mailbox Installations

Regulation 9 Police Detail

Regulation 10 Political Advertising

Regulation 11 Discharge of Firearms on Town Property

Regulation 12 Illicit Discharge

Regulation 13 Lawn Watering Restrictions