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The activities on this page were created by Kaitlyn Cornell, Casie Richard and Ally Henderson from Danville's Girl Scout Troop 1114.  Many activities are based on Danville history.   The Scouts developed this special page for their "Silver Award" project,  with the guidance and support of their troop leader, Sonia Landry. 

The Heritage Commission is grateful for this contribution, and the Scouts' thoughtful and diligent work researching the material for this project.


Have fun and enjoy!


Click on the red links below to find puzzles, word scramble and word search games, true/false quizzes, a scavenger hunt and more!

Bilbo Catcher Toy - Instructions

Danville Buildings Jigsaw Puzzles

Rev. John Page True or False

Ye Old Gravestone Hunt

Little Red Schoolhouse Crossword and Word Search

Tool Match Game - Junior

Tool Match Game - Junior (Answers)

Tool Match Game - Older

Building Match Game

Building Match Game (Answers)

Daniel Webster True or False

Daniel Webster True or False (Answers)

Unscramble the Words Game

Unscramble the Words (Answers)


Here are links to some fun videos!

Old or New Game

Turkey in the Straw Song

Jack Straws Game

Let's Make Chocolate Chip Squares!

Cookie Making Fun!