Fire Inspections information

Application for permits is done at the Town Hall. Fill in and print the INSPECTION APPLICATION and bring it with you when you apply for your permit.


New Construction                                                   $50.00
(Includes Life Safety & Heating Inspection)

Masonry Fireplace                                                   $75.00
(Built to NFPA 211) Three Inspections @ $25 each

  1. Hearth prior to pouring cement
  2. Throat inspection of First Flue Tile & Throat
  3. Final Inspection

Fuel Storage Inspection – Oil & Propan                 $25.00

Supplementary Heating Devices                             $35.00
(Includes: Wood, coat, pellet & gas stoves)

Heating Replacement and Chimney/Boiler             $35.00

Daycare and Foster Care                                          $25.00

Commercial Inspections                                           $100.00
(Includes: Life safety, fire alarms, & sprinklers)

Residential Sprinkler Inspection & Plan Review     $100.00

Copy of Fire Report, Inspection Report                   $25.00

For Inspections Contact Chief Steve Woitkun at:
Fire Department: 382-5133
Home: 642-5154
Cell: 396-5997
Pager: 771-3322

All work to be completed will adhere to applicable codes:

  1. NFPA Code
  2. State of NH Fire Codes